Community Guidelines

We're a social community which fosters relevance and openness in learning together.

Your identity

We collect your email and data regarding your role at your university, location, and areas of study/teaching. Like many social situations, learning together requires being comfortable with allowing others to know you’re a member of the community. Your role at your university, location, and areas of study/teaching. Your email is kept private. Your institutional ID is required upon sign-up to help keep the community relevant. After all, that's what makes us special.


It is at the discretion of the team and admin at Stuvoo to take the following actions: - Alerting you that you’ve been flagged and asking you to adjust your contributions to the community - The demotion of your content in the community to make it less likely that other users will see it - Removal of your flagged content - Temporary or permanent suspension of accounts - Removal of privileges from, or adding restrictions to, accounts - User dismissal from the community


We have created a safe place for institution wide social sharing. You can access experience, insights, and opinion in a way other social site don't allow. To keep us on track with keeping and fostering a safe place, we and the community actively monitor posts and allow for reporting against users who do not respect the network. Content should always be helpful and relevant in nature. To preserve the community, content that includes the below will automatically be removed: - Directly attacks someone's reputation or character - Abuses or targets other users, or is deliberately disrespectful - Trolling conversations by making deliberately provocative or abusive statements that derail discussions - The content you are flagging is aggressive, offensive, or goes after someone in a way that is malicious or deliberately disrespectful. - The content you are flagging reveals either your identity or someone else’s in the community in a way that is unwanted or unwarranted. - The content you are flagging shows that you think a member of the community is a danger to themselves or others

Account deletion

Please email

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